About Interview and eventual admission into the Seminary.

Successful canditates from the Entrance examinations are invited for three days written/oral interviews. This year's interview would be from Friday 27th April to Sunday 29th April 2018

WRITTEN&ORAL Examinations

The subjects to be taken during the entrance interview include: Quantitative, Verbal aptitude and General Paper (Primary Science, Health Science, Social Studies, Agric Science and Religion). These are to be taken on arrival. An oral interview is also conducted for the candidates in order to ascertain their intention for seeking admission into the seminary.


Only candidates that are not below class 6, within the range of 10 -15 years and have received first Holy Communion are admitted into the seminary. CHECK INTERVIEW RESULT


All canditates for the Interview are to report to the Seminary with the following items.


1. Simple Essays:

- Simple Letter Writing

- Short Stories

- Narrative Essays

2. Comprehension Passages

3. Common Mistakes in English Language

4. Words and Synonyms (similar in meaning)

5. Tenses – present, past, future and past participle

6. Words and Antonyms (opposite in meaning).

7. Parts of Speech

1. Addition and Subtraction of Numbers

2. Multiplication and Division of Numbers

3. Approximations (rounding off) – Decimal Places, Significant Figures, etc.

4. Square Root of Numbers

5. H.C.F. and L.C.M. of Numbers

6. Words and Figures and Roman Numerals

7. Fraction, Decimals, Percentages, etc.

1. Katikizim Nke Okwukwe Nzuko Nso Katolik N’Asusu Igbo.

2. Common Responses at Mass (Igbo, English and Latin.)

3. Basic Christian Practices:

- Holy Days Of Obligation

- Liturgical Years

- Liturgical Articles and Vestments

4. Creation of the World and fall of man (Gen.1,2,3)

5. Israelites in Egypt-Causes and their redemption (Gen.37, 45 & EX.14)

6. Call of Samuel (1 Sam 1,2 & 3)

7. Covenant at Mount Sinai and the Decalogue (Ex. 19,20)

8. Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5)

9. Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Matt. 26, 27, 28)

10. Birth and Baptism of Jesus Christ (Luke 2, 3)

11. Transfiguration (Luke 9, Matt. 17)

12. Killing of Stephen – Causes and Consequences (Acts. 7, 8)

13. Conversion of Saul of Tarsus (Acts 9)

14. The Mission of Barnabas and Paul – the Council of Jerusalem (Acts. 13 – 15).

NB: For those who are not conversant with Igbo Language, they can replace Igbo Katikizim with Catechism of Christian Doctrine (CCD) and responses at Igbo Mass with responses at English Mass.


For admission into All Hallows Seminary, you are to purchase your entrance form and sit for the Entrance Examinations. Successful candidates of the Entrance Examinations would return for the Interview. Only successful candidates from the Interviews are admitted into the Seminary CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS
Entrance forms can be obtained from the Seminary and Diocesan Parishes from November to first week of March. It can also be downloaded online from this webpage. DOWNLOAD FORM
Results of the entrance examinations are pasted on the notice boards in the seminary at least a week after the entrance exam day. All are free to check their results once they are out. They are also sent to the parishes of the candidates for easy collection. Only successful candidates are qualified to come for the interview. You can also check your results online. The Online Results would be made available once the results are ready. Click the button beside you to check your result. CHECK RESULT
Are you in doubt about anything? We can help you. We have given a number of facts about our admissions and have also answered here frequently asked questions (FAQs) for your knowledge and understanding. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS